My name is Elena Belokrinitski. 

I'm a textile designer and illustrator. 

B. Des graduate with honors from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design,  in Surface and Print Design, year 2007. Now I live in Berlin, Germany.

I love to draw. I love strong colors, beautiful flowers, over-the-top paisleys, vibrant, lively motives. My designs are shiny and happy. I see textiles and patterns as an opportunity to share my happiness and optimism with my surroundings, and spread the love. 

My work is focused on two major aspects:

• Creating ready to use textiles and patters, 

 Creating elements and  motives for other textile and graphic designers. 

 Working for 9 years in the fashion industry, made me very used to the situation, when I know exactly which motif I need for a particular project, but cannot find it — the elements available for download are too boring or lack artistic quality, and I have no time to draw my own elements. 

Now my objective is to create beautiful, easy to use elements for those, who can implement them into their own designs and compositions.