Favorite inspirations - abstract

There are a few designers, whom I find amazingly interesting, inspirational, and absolutely love what they do. What I like best, I think, is the diversity within very consistent style. 

The first one is Dikla Levsky, whom I discovered vert recently, and I am blown away by her work in silk scarfs. The are so light, and amazingly colorful, and beautifully neurotic, and I am in love. I think she studied two years after me in Shenkar, but unfortunately I never got to meet her at that time. 

Click through some of my favorite of her textiles:

Check her Etsy Shop - DiklaLevskyDesign


The next one is Georgiana Paraschiv, who is absolutely extraordinary.  Her style is grungy, yet tender, and the colors are amazing. It sometimes seems, as if her work is very intuitive, but from the experience I have - making an abstract brush stroke, which looks effortless and poetic, can be at times much much more difficult, than creating a complex illustration.  

Check out few of her pieces for inspiration. 

The next genius designer, is Helen Dealtry, who is an ispiration in anything she does- abstract, watercolor, figurative. Her style is recognizable,  but so versatile, I leaves me speechless. I guess, for me, her most signature feature, is the feeling of air in her works. Even when intense, they are never choked, and the black spaces, as in literature, only give you a place for though. I'm blown away by her talent. I wish I could take her drawing course. 

Check a few of my favorites below, and go visit her amazing website here- Helen Dealtry

Ok, so that were my top 3 artist for abstract textiles, patterns, and the beauty of the mystery. 

Hope you enjoyed!