First Time Heimtextil Exhibitor guide - part 2. Home and Travelling Equipment for Heimtextil

Home kit for preparing the prints:

  • cutting board ( I had A2 size),
  • wide and narrow transparent  sellotape
  • knifes
  • safe ruler (with an angle to protect your fingers, you will be cutting the edges for hours - better be safe than sorry)
  • a file to keep the prints (I used A2 file, and folded my A1 prints in two)


Travelling kit for the show (You receive a booth with empty walls, and you must be prepared to hang your presentation):

  • an artist bag or a trolley for your designs. I uses a “start by Prat” backpack, which isn’t perfect but has a huge winning point over other bags, because it’s a backpack, with strong and adjustable shoulder straps. Carrying 20kg of designs on a side with a mailman bag would be impossible, and this bag divides the weight evenly on your back.  I see that there’s some decent competition online for these kinds of bags, some of them with better reviews, and the reason I got mine from Prat was it being the only bag I could touch and try on in a shop, and I didn’t want to risk buying online something that doesn’t look strong enough.
    Some people use trolley bags, and fold and roll the prints inside. It's a simpler solution, but  I wouldn't rick damaging the corners of the artwork. 
  • rolls of bubble wrapping for the designs
  • a few A2 files for the designs.
  • 2 rolls of M3 double sided adhesive tape (to stick the designs to the walls)
  • a set of large paper clips (I had 10, but needed 20). 
  • a set of magnets (better secure  and align the prints on the frame before gluing with the tape).
  • 2 knifes.
  • scissors - 2 pairs.


Kit for the show:

  • a pack of visit cards
  • a pack of receipts with copy paper
  • few ball pens.
  • wrapping solution for your prints, when you sell.
  • rubber bands
  • water and disposable cups - for yourself and your customers.

Please let me know if you would like me to note prices for everything that I have bought. 


Heimtextil preparations.

I have been thinking of exhibiting at the Heimtextil fair for  a long time now, but thought of it as a too complex project. 

This year, I have paired up with a wonderful designer, Natasha Levintal, and together we will offer to take a look on our 2017 collection of home textiles for wallpaper, soft furnishings, bedding, and other. 

I am bringing a few themes to the table: of course, paisleys, florals, ethnicals, very experimental abstracts, many kaleidoscopes, and a few classic wallpaper ornaments. Here's a glimpse on one of one of my themes: 

heimtextil trend idea

And there are plenty of more to come. 

So hope to see you all in Frankfurt! Wish me LUCK!

I have created an inspiration board for interior textiles on Pinterest.